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Next-Gen Data and AI Fabric is here

Unify all your data, analytics, and AI on a single platform, no matter where your data resides, be it across various public or private cloud environments.

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Operational Simplicity

  • A unified perspective of all your data and AI models
  • Seamless access to all types of data
  • Best practice data security and governance
  • A fully managed service
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Developer Experience

  • Unified ANSI standard compatible SQL
  • ETL-free or codeless data handling.
  • API friendly with built-in SQL optimizer
  • Intelligent Query Execution
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Performance & Cost

  • Eliminate unnecessary data transmission
  • Best performance for data query on Multi-cloud
  • Global data acceleration powered by Generative AI
  • 10X faster and/or cost-effective data analysis and training over multi-cloud

How it works?

Datastrato empowers you to efficiently manage all your data and allows you to run analytics, training or machine learning workloads in a single place regardless of the physical location of your data.

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Datasource Connection
Enterprise-ready connectors to access all your cloud data lakes (it can be on single, hybrid or multi-cloud) with security and high-performance.
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Data Virtualization
A unified experience for data in remote regions, processed locally with a built-in compliance service and intelligent acceleration powered by caching, indexes and materialized views.
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Federated Computing
Facilitate data analysis and training seamlessly with SQL, Python, and a variety of tools across different data sources, including multi-cloud, while delivering the lowest cost and maximum performance.

Why Datastrato?

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