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Version: 0.5.1

Publish Docker images


The Gravitino project provides a set of Docker images to facilitate the publishing, development, and testing of the Gravitino project. Datastrato Docker Hub repository publishes the official Gravitino Docker images.

Publish Docker images to Docker Hub

You can use GitHub actions to publish Docker images to the Docker Hub repository.

  1. Open the Docker publish link
  2. Click the Run workflow button.
  3. Select the branch you want to build
    • Selecting the main branch results in publishing the Docker image with the specified tag and the latest tag.
    • Selecting another branch, results are publishing the Docker image with the specified tag.
  4. Choose the image you want to build
    • datastrato/gravitino-ci-hive.
    • datastrato/gravitino-ci-trino.
    • Future plans include support for other data sources.
  5. Input the tag name, for example: 0.1.0, Then build and push the Docker image name as datastrato/{image-name}:0.1.0.
  6. You must enter the correct publish docker token before you can execute run Publish Docker Image workflow.
  7. Wait for the workflow to complete. You can see a new Docker image shown in the Datastrato Docker Hub repository.

Publish Docker image

More details of Gravitino Docker images