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Version: 0.5.1

Gravitino connector Configuration

PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescriptionRequiredSince Version
connector.namestring(none)The defines the type of Trino connector, this value is always 'gravitino'.Yes0.2.0
gravitino.metalakestring(none)The gravitino.metalake defines which metalake in Gravitino server the Trino connector uses. Trino connector should set it at start, the value of gravitino.metalake needs to be a valid name, Trino connector can detect and load the metalake with catalogs, schemas and tables once created and keep in sync.Yes0.2.0
gravitino.uristringhttp://localhost:8090The gravitino.uri defines the connection URL of the Gravitino server, the default value is http://localhost:8090. Trino connector can detect and connect to Gravitino server once it is ready, no need to start Gravitino server beforehand.Yes0.2.0
gravitino.simplify-catalog-namesbooleantrueThe gravitino.simplify-catalog-names setting omits the metalake prefix from catalog names when set to true.NO0.5.0
trino.jdbc.uristringjdbc:trino://localhost:8080The jdbc uri of current Trino server.NO0.5.1
trino.catalog.storestringetc/catalogThe directory that stores the catalog configuration of current Trino.NO0.5.1
trino.jdbc.userstringadminThe jdbc user name of current Trino.NO0.5.1
trino.jdbc.passwordstring(none)The jdbc password of current Trino.NO0.5.1