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Version: 0.5.1

Kafka catalog


Kafka catalog is a messaging catalog that offers the ability to manage Apache Kafka topics' metadata. One Kafka catalog corresponds to one Kafka cluster.


Catalog properties

Property NameDescriptionDefault ValueRequiredSince Version
bootstrap.serversThe Kafka broker(s) to connect to, allowing for multiple brokers by comma-separating them.(none)Yes0.5.0
gravitino.bypass.Property name with this prefix passed down to the underlying Kafka Admin client for use. (refer to Kafka Admin Configs for more details)(none)No0.5.0

Catalog operations

Refer to Catalog operations for more details.


A "default" schema, which includes all the topics in the Kafka cluster, will be automatically created when catalog is created.

Schema capabilities

  • Since the "default" schema is read-only, it only supports loading and listing schema.

Schema properties


Schema operations

Refer to Schema operation for more details.


Topic capabilities

  • The Kafka catalog supports creating, updating, deleting, and listing topics.

Topic properties

Property nameDescriptionDefault valueRequiredSince Version
partition-countThe number of partitions for the topic.if not specified, will use the num.partition property in the broker.No0.5.0
replication-factorThe number of replications for the topicif not specified, will use the default.replication.factor property in the broker.No0.5.0

You can pass other topic configurations to the topic properties. Refer to Topic Configs for more details.

Topic operations

Refer to Topic operation for more details.